Munich’s mayor settles with UEFA.

Munich’s Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter once again made it clear what he thinks of the European Football Union and its President Aleksander Ceferin.

“He put the knife on the chests of us organizers,” said the SPD policy at the time, with a view to the required spectator guarantee from the EM hosts: “The message was clear: If we do not allow spectators, we will lose the games. I’ve never seen anything like it. ”

In the spring, UEFA demanded a spectator guarantee from the European Championship venues. Numerous critics described this procedure amid the corona pandemic as blackmail.

The German venue Munich was on the brink for a long time because those responsible did not unconditionally give the guarantee. Dublin and Bilbao were dropped because they refused to host.

Munich ultimately allowed 14,000 spectators. Reiter thinks even this is questionable: “If the Munich Philharmonic were to perform in the Allianz Arena, 1500 spectators would be allowed in, the rules are much stricter. How should I explain this to our citizens?”

In principle, the OB has little understanding of the high number of spectators at the finals in London’s Wembley Stadium: “The corona situation in Europe does not really allow it.” According to Reiter, UEFA “exceeded a limit” with its demands on the participating cities.

Reiter had already clashed with UEFA and Ceferin during the rainbow debate. The mayor said tellingly that he would have to deal with the association and its boss around the European Championship finals in Germany in 2024: “Let’s see who I have to talk to in 2024.”

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