“Football probably saved my life.”

Schalke’s newcomer talks about his mother’s death, feelings in sport and his special relationship with coach Grammozis.

Sport Bild: Victor Pálsson, you can see two tattoos on your calves. On one side a smiling smiley face, on the other a sad one. What’s it all about?

VICTOR PÁLSSON (30): When I was with the Icelandic U18 national team at the game in the Czech Republic, we had a day off. It was raining, and we had nothing to do. So we went to a tattoo parlor. I was only 16 years old. A colleague and I then came up with the idea of ​​smileys. The happy face is on my right calf because I’m shooting with the right. I wouldn’t do that anymore today. (laughs)


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Source: BILD

At the end of last year, your mother died due to an alcohol and drug addiction. Do you like to talk about how you experienced that time?

That was probably the darkest time of my life. Many things came together. I was injured and had to have an operation. That day, two hours after I woke up from the anesthetic, I was told that my mother had passed away. At such a moment, the world falls apart.

What happened next?

I just fell into a deep, dark hole; there is no other way of saying it. Losing my mother – my best friend – was the most painful moment of my life. And yet, I tried to pull something out of this dark time, positive energy. If you go through such a phase, then you can also draw strength for yourself from it. I managed to get fit again to show my performance on the pitch, and I was signed by Schalke 04. I see that as a personal victory.

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