“Mad Max and the impression of unbeatability”

Max Verstappen won the Styrian Grand Prix on Sunday at the Red Bull Ring of his employer in Austria ahead of world champion Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes. Mercedes is threatened with dethronement. International press reviews.

The Guardian: “His fight for the title seems more and more relentless. Max Verstappen’s victory at the Grand Prix of Styria manages the extraordinary feat of simply leaving the mighty Mercedes powerless behind.”
Daily Mail: “Four races without a win, the worst series in eight years, Mercedes has no more answers to the dominance of Red Bull and Max Verstappen. The world champion demands solutions, but Lewis Hamilton is all alone.”
Sun: “Need for Speed: Hamilton calls on Mercedes not only to concentrate on 2022. He wants answers so that he has a chance in the duel with Red Bull and Max Verstappen. He couldn’t win the start-to-finish of Verstappen Prevent time. ”

AS: “‘Mad Max’ conquered the Styrian Grand Prix and hit the World Cup with a blow. Not because of the difference in points (to Hamilton) – there are 18 and the season is still long. But because of the impression of unbeatability given by the lion awakened. ”
Marca: “Verstappen flattens everything. Max wins the first of the two races in Austria without any ifs or buts, Mercedes is starting to tremble. Verstappen is an earthquake that shakes the earth under Mercedes. For Mad Max it was almost a walk without resistance. He underlines once again that he absolutely wants this world title. ”
El Mundo Deportivo: “Verstappen kills Hamilton. Max is unbeatable and wins another race. This world championship title fight is now really exciting, because the Dutchman is now 18 points ahead. Spielberg is already the garden of his house.”

La Repubblica: “The Red Bull Dutchman dominates his home track ahead of the two Mercedes. (…) Verstappen now seems unreachable.”
Gazzetta dello Sport: “A new era begins in Formula 1: it is no longer possible to catch up with Verstappen. All the conditions for going it alone towards a world championship title have been met. It looks like a change of epoch has begun.”
Corriere dello Sport: “Verstappen ushers in a new era. Within four weeks the wind has completely turned in Formula 1. Verstappen dominates the race from start to finish, like Hamilton until a month and a half ago.”
Tuttosport: “Hamilton, who in fact only drove against himself in countless Grand Prix, sees himself confronted with dangerous competition. The young Verstappen threatens to push him into the shadows. Hamilton only follows what was practically unknown to him up to now.”
Corriere della Sera: “Super-Max dismembered Hamilton. How did Mercedes manage to collapse like this after seven titles? Mercedes made a lot of mistakes under pressure.”

Blick: “The eighth World Championship run in GP Styria experienced a start-to-finish victory for Max Verstappen, unlucky George Russell and Alfa-Sauber driver Kimi Raikkonen with a very small highlight.”

Kronenzeitung: “Verstappen crowns himself King of Spielberg. The sovereign victory of main competitor Red Bull Racing with Max Verstappen is ringing the alarm bells for Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.”

AD: “Max Verstappen was sovereign, dominant, powerful, ruling. We have never seen a better Max. Whether Max is in title form? Rely on it.”

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