“I would have said: keep playing.”

England won the European Championship semi-finals against Denmark after a controversial decision by the referee. Then two former Bundesliga referees analyze the scene.

Former German referees would have decided before the penalty to make it 2-1 in the EM semi-final between England and Denmark. “You can theoretically give it, it is not terrible now,” said the former referee Manuel Grafe on Thursday night as an expert on ZDF about the penalty kick. “Personally, I don’t believe he’s right here. I would have said: keep playing because it fits the tournament, because it would also have suited the line of the referee.”

England’s Raheem Sterling fell in the penalty area in the first half of extra time. Referee Danny Makkelie saw a foul by Joakim Maehle and decided on a penalty. Video assistant Pol van Boekel checked the scene but did not intervene. Star striker Harry Kane turned the margin (104th) into the winning goal.

Wagner: “That doesn’t fit.”
“You can see the knee-to-calf contact. But Sterling already goes into the duel with the intention – you can see that he is moving his body forward, he wants to pull it, he wants to cheat, as the saying goes,”said the 47-year-old Count. “Based on the case pattern, you can actually see that this is not sufficient.”

The former referee Lutz Wagner is also critical of the Dutch Makkelie’s decision. “It would have been better if he didn’t whistle the penalty kick,” said the 58-year-old as an expert on the ARD sports show. “That didn’t fit with the rest of the rules in the tournament or with Danny Makkelie’s, it’s contrary to the general evaluation of the duel so far. It was rather left going a lot.”

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